About Us

Grove Automotive Design is a successful automotive product design company based in Herefordshire and is part of the Grove Design Group of companies.

Grove Automotive Design specialises in the design and development of all aspects of the automotive drivetrain. We have a particular expertise in All Wheel Drive systems, from power take off to final drive units.

Many of our projects involve adaptations or conversions of existing vehicles where creative design solutions are key to satisfying customer’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to find creative, cost effective solutions for complex drivetrain developments.

Our expert design team can offer:

Design Services

From initial concept through to production drawings, we can create the components required for all aspects of drivetrain.

Modelling and Simulation

Our engineers can model, test and refine all aspects of the designs using sophisticated and powerful 3D software like SolidWorks®, SolidWorks®Simulation and KISSsoft®.


As concepts evolve we are able to analyse their ultimate performance capabilities using, for example FEA studies in SolidWorks® Simulation and dynamic analysis studies in KISSsoft®, to ensure that all components meet required life cycle and running specifications.

Control Software

Using a combination of LabVIEW® development software and our own protoTRAC® prototype test equipment, we can develop control algorithms for AWD and Drivetrain ECUs.

Prototyping and Testing

We have the ability to produce full scale prototypes with in house CNC capabilities and close relationships with foundries and precision engineering companies.

Vehicle Testing

At our site here in Herefordshire we have a workshop and an off road test track. This allows us to evaluate drivetrain components in a working vehicle and fully refine all aspects of the control strategy.

Final Production Assembly Instructions

When the project reaches the production planning stage, we can supply a full set of assembly process instructions so that production will be as smooth as possible.